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Philippians 3:13-14

May 8, 2016: My grandpa died.

May 16, 2016: I attended the funeral of someone I loved for the first time.

My grandpa and I talked regularly to catch up on our lives, or that’s what he led me to believe– he really just wanted to check in on his granddaughter.

On that Monday, I checked in with him one last time with a group of strangers I call family.  One by one we reflected on what he had done for each of us and, as these strangers expressed their grief in his passing and joy in knowing him, we bonded over his memory. Tears were shed, but you could feel the love he had imparted on his community and family during his lifetime. I couldn’t help but wonder if my death would bring the same reaction. It was evident that in his church, marriage and overall life he worked to make an impact on each person he came in contact with– even if it was just through a smile or “how are you?” I know I try to be as nice as possible and I’m almost always respectful, but would it matter if I left today? So as his niece, my cousin, expressed how wonderful he and his siblings were, I decided to make a genuine effort to leave my best, positive impact on this world.

I resolved to be kinder and more loving, to walk like a real Christian and read my Bible as often as possible because there wasn’t a day when my grandpa wasn’t enjoying the Word. They say people change people, and if ever there was a man who could do it it was Jesus, but my grandpa was His servant so I guess he could too. He sure changed me. My grandpa showed me that even when you’re sick and can’t do what you use to, you can still do what you can do. And, if he can be that example, I can do what I can do now without waiting.

My grandpa always encouraged me to go after my dreams. If there was an opportunity, he wanted me to take it and make the most of it. He taught me that you have to work for what you want, and that while you’re working– if you work hard enough– something extra may come through. My grandpa’s mission wasn’t to be the example he was, but his work led him to be just that.

Peace, love and fairy dust,

His Privy Princess

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Let’s Get Back to the Place

Sweaty palms, funky socks- they were supposedly lucky, crossed fingers, and your best friend by your side. All relatively familiar images to anyone who was ever nervous in elementary school. At that age the world was our playground; we could do anything we wanted. If we were asked what we wanted to be we said the President of the United States. If we were asked again after two seconds we said a firefighter. Then, going outside in the rain didn’t mean catching a cold, but a good time with a lot of water.

So why don’t we feel the same way now? Sure we don’t want to be a firefighter anymore, but what happened to that can-do attitude? The answer’s simple, life happened. Far too often we’re discouraged by the curve balls of our existence. The bills, the classes, and the children all distract us from our dreams and ambitions. How do we get them back? Well first admit that the high school jersey from 19-forever ago just isn’t going to fit anymore, and maybe the person in the yearbook photo just isn’t worth trying to reconnect with. Ok so now we have a clean slate.

Let’s start by acknowledging what we have done. We’ve made it this far in life; whether you’re in college, starting a new career, or raising a family you’re not dead, AND you didn’t give your mother a heart attack in the process. I think that deserves a few snaps (I just watched “Legally Blonde”, so bear with me). Along with the not being dead part comes the bills, which seem to be as natural as breathing. Nevertheless, they’re paid or in the process of being paid. The first step to that can-do attitude is the step back to those self- motivating talks. (We all know you were the one giving yourself pep talks before the test.)

Phase two is even simpler- figure out what you want to do and do it. Start a business? Write a book? Get all A’s? Have a Mustang? Go for it! No matter how big or how small just do it. This is the time where the saying “The only one stopping you is you.” has never been more true. So what you don’t know how to run a business? Learn. Ok, maybe a Mustang is expensive. Save. Work probably does keep you away from your kids. Cut back or compromise. There’s no excuse, especially when people with less than you are doing more than you.

We’re a part of this species that has done amazing things- landed on the moon and reproduced at alarming rates- so why is your dream so unattainable? Only because you say it is. The one thing we haven’t done is discovered the fountain of youth, so you’re not getting any younger. Now is the time to accomplish those dreams. The time to get out there and at least try. Sure you may fall, but at least you would’ve played in the rain.

 Lots of Love,


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