A child’s laugh

23 Jul
A child’s laugh

Last night I had one of the best moments of my 20 years of living. It didn’t involve shopping, or my boyfriend, or any of the usual aspects women of my age worry so much about.
It was the embracing of my inner child.
Now don’t get me wrong, I watch Disney movies just as much as any other 3- year- old, but last night was a different kind of inner child. It started off like a regular night. I went to bible study, and once we had ended the study with a closing prayer a little person called for my attention. Because I’m so use to the call, I didn’t hesitate to answer it. It was one of my beloved princesses waiting to tell me about how she was getting her hair done for school (she’s like 4 or 5, so hairstyles shouldn’t be a big problem at her age, but more on that later.) Anyway, we talk and she asked to play a game on my tablet. (Here I have to include that because I’m so use to having kids around me, I have at least 4 child friendly games on my tablet and phone. You can never be too prepared.) I let her have my tablet and sat down with her to watch her play the classic game of Tic-Tac Toe, but as she started to play a little boy came up and wanted to play too. I allowed the two to play the game together and before I blinked twice I was surrounded by 4 children competing in a game of Connect Four. They cheered each other on, accepted their loses humbly, and moved through my collection of kids games with ease.
No surprise right? Kids are attracted to electronics like ants to an outdoor picnic. And that’s true, but there was one kid in the group who wasn’t playing: a fifth child who simply enjoyed cheering and encouraging their peers. It was me. I completely embraced the moment and enjoyed the group of youngsters hovering over my tablet figuring out the game of Pac Man. I cheered and got just as rowdy as them, and I won’t apologize for it. See when the little princess had called for my attention, I was bee lining for the door and on my way home (perks of living across the street from your church).

I didn’t want to talk.

I didn’t want to smile or hug.

I just wanted to get home to talk to my boyfriend. 

It was the call of innocence that made me decide to stay a bit longer, but I tell you she helped me more than she knows. That night I left the church uplifted and energized because I had relaxed and stopped worrying. I embraced the child in me with a group of Pre-K through 2nd grade kids, and while their parents and church goers looked over to see what the excitement was all about I looked up at the adults from my spot on the floor with a smile that only those kids could share.

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