How to handle my mother and maybe yours too

12 May
How to handle my mother and maybe yours too

I’d first like to say I understand I’m only 20, and therefore I’m new to this whole adult thing.

With that said… Let me live my life. Thank you.

I love my mother to pieces, but sometimes she can go from caring to controlling in a heartbeat. As a college student I meet guys– some I like but most I don’t. In fact, since I’ve been in college I haven’t mentioned a guy because the one I liked needed to past a few tests and the rest didn’t exist in my world. So when she met this new gentlemen– the aforementioned male past the test– I expected her to be a bit surprised but not crazy. I got crazy.

Since she’s met him she has:

  1. Told him he’s not in the church and gave him a pamphlet (within an hour of meeting him)
  2. Expressed her dislike of him not being in the church– for two weeks now.
  3. Expressed that she will not attend our wedding (should he not join the church).
  4. Continued to discuss marriage (despite me insisting that she doesn’t).

Again I understand this may seem normal (minus the whole church thing) given that I am her baby girl, but I still get irritated by her constant worrying about my future and marriage decisions. (I mean neither of us have mentioned marriage; we just started dating in April.) So here’s how I stay calm– hopefully these methods hold up for the next 11 weeks.

  1. Remember I’m the daughter– not to mention the youngest daughter– and that means she’s extra worried and extra protective.
  2. Given that my dad’s out of the picture she’s forced to take on two roles, so she is going to get a bit rowdy to say the least.
  3. She cares and only wants the best for me.
  4. Some of what she says is good advice.
  5. Nodding and going with it makes it go by faster– sometimes.
  6. DO NOT mention him unless she does.
  7. Breath and count to 30 to stay calm.
  8. Staying busy keeps her from asking questions.
  9. Reassure her that I will be okay and I can handle this.
  10. Allow her some room to be a mother. I am still her baby girl.
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