Twitter: My Do’s for 2014

10 Feb

Screenshot (22)

As a journalism major I have some interesting classes, one of which requires me to post certain stories once in while. Today’s post will be about my goals for my Twitter. I’m relatively new at this, so first I’d like to get the hang of how to post, as well as what to post. I’m active on my account– and I feel that what I post is relevant– but you can never be too sure. With that said I plan on posting more focused ideas each week. This means that on certain days my posts will pertain to topics like fitness, motivation, hair or nails– as seen in the screenshot above.  Having assigned topics, as well as the use of *hashtags, will help me stay relevant and eventually increase my followers.  So, if anyone were to search the term #hairtips my post would appear and I could gain a potential follower.

*Hashtags are formerly known as the pound sign, “#.” However on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram they are used as a way of categorizing your posts- making it easier for people to find them and you.

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