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Tweet like a Pro

   Twitter is one of the most used places on the web, but it’s also one of the most misused. It’s hard to imagine that the same place you can get your news is the same place someone is saying “Just a burg nah finna pik up da kids,” but it happens. However, you don’t have to be that person. Your Twitter account can open doors of opportunity you didn’t even know existed, and it can do so without making you seem like some bland nutjob trapped in a cubicle.

    The first thing to accurately portray yourself on this social media site is your photo. It’s the first thing everyone looks for when they search for you, so make it look nice. This means no solo cups, no “blunts” or cigarettes, no gang signs and no middle fingers- just keep your hands out of the picture to be safe. Given that it’s the first thing a future employer will see, you want your photo to look professional. Therefore, make sure your hair is out of your face, smile and dress appropriately (i.e. no peeking bra straps or dramatically low-cut tops, pull up your pants and lengthen your skirts). You’re also going to want to make sure the individual looking at your photo can see your face, so it’s best to take the photo from the bust up. Now, if you want to add some flavor to your profile you should make sure to include a header- that’s the big photo that will go behind your profile picture. Make sure the photo represents your interests and future endeavors. For example, I’d like to be a writer for Cosmo, so my header could either be a Cosmo magazine cover or something pertaining to beauty or fashion. Just don’t make it anything too confusing, you want the viewer to be able to tie your header in with your bio and tweets. Having a header that says you’re interested in fashion and a bio that’s about your singing career can be a bit misleading.

          Now for the tweets, which is honestly what Twitter is all about. Your tweets say a lot about you, whether you want them to or not, so handle with care. Just imagine that the Twitter symbol, a bird, is like a stork that brings your tweet babies to the world. You don’t want your tweet babies perverted by foul language or uncensored images, so don’t send tweets with either. If you went out with friends and did some unmentionable things, store it in the back of your mind not on your social media. Another aspect of tweeting is how you tweet, which ties into your presence. You’re not going to tweet anything perverse, but you are going tweet. When you do they need to portray your interests and some of your opinions. If you hear about a new bill and you have an opinion, as long as it’s grounded in reason, tweet about it. If you see someone post something that interest you, retweet it or reply to it. Favoriting a tweet is good too. So if you honestly have no reply to the post, but you’d still like to show your approval go ahead and press the star. It shows the tweeter that you heard what they had to say and you understand, even if you don’t agree. Be cautious however, because anyone who looks at your tweets will be able to see the ones you have retreated and favorite.

         Twitter can be a lot of fun, and be the start to a new career when used wisely. However it can get a little tricky, so here are a few acceptable Twitter accounts to use as templates for your own. You will see that each of the provide their opinions on different articles without sounding bland. They also have appropriate photos for their profile picture, portraying who they are and allowing potential employers to identify them. In addition, their headers are professional- the lack of a header doesn’t take away from the profile. Their tweets are also related to who they are, showing their personality, without showing their personal lives. They are the perfect candidates for a job position in their field.                                      Paige Morgan Oswald

Paige Morgan Oswald      

Twitter: @Paige_M_Oswald

@FGCU 2016 – Staff Writer @FGCUEagleNews – Producing with @ESPN3 – Aspiring @CNN journalist –  @jou_fgcu & communication student – Poli sci nut





Sara Fischer      

Sarah Fischer

Twitter: @sarafischer

Co-author of CNN’s Political @GutCheckCNN, Just a Jersey girl looking for a good bagel in DC – …

Washington DC          



Jessica Souza

Jessica Souza      

Twitter: @Jessica_E_Souza

@JOU_FGCU major. Aspiring journalist. Staff writer @fgcueaglenews. #DunkCity 2016. I’m obsessed with @ColbertReport, @TheDailyShow & @SURFER_magazine.

            Southwest Florida    · 

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Let’s Get Back to the Place

Sweaty palms, funky socks- they were supposedly lucky, crossed fingers, and your best friend by your side. All relatively familiar images to anyone who was ever nervous in elementary school. At that age the world was our playground; we could do anything we wanted. If we were asked what we wanted to be we said the President of the United States. If we were asked again after two seconds we said a firefighter. Then, going outside in the rain didn’t mean catching a cold, but a good time with a lot of water.

So why don’t we feel the same way now? Sure we don’t want to be a firefighter anymore, but what happened to that can-do attitude? The answer’s simple, life happened. Far too often we’re discouraged by the curve balls of our existence. The bills, the classes, and the children all distract us from our dreams and ambitions. How do we get them back? Well first admit that the high school jersey from 19-forever ago just isn’t going to fit anymore, and maybe the person in the yearbook photo just isn’t worth trying to reconnect with. Ok so now we have a clean slate.

Let’s start by acknowledging what we have done. We’ve made it this far in life; whether you’re in college, starting a new career, or raising a family you’re not dead, AND you didn’t give your mother a heart attack in the process. I think that deserves a few snaps (I just watched “Legally Blonde”, so bear with me). Along with the not being dead part comes the bills, which seem to be as natural as breathing. Nevertheless, they’re paid or in the process of being paid. The first step to that can-do attitude is the step back to those self- motivating talks. (We all know you were the one giving yourself pep talks before the test.)

Phase two is even simpler- figure out what you want to do and do it. Start a business? Write a book? Get all A’s? Have a Mustang? Go for it! No matter how big or how small just do it. This is the time where the saying “The only one stopping you is you.” has never been more true. So what you don’t know how to run a business? Learn. Ok, maybe a Mustang is expensive. Save. Work probably does keep you away from your kids. Cut back or compromise. There’s no excuse, especially when people with less than you are doing more than you.

We’re a part of this species that has done amazing things- landed on the moon and reproduced at alarming rates- so why is your dream so unattainable? Only because you say it is. The one thing we haven’t done is discovered the fountain of youth, so you’re not getting any younger. Now is the time to accomplish those dreams. The time to get out there and at least try. Sure you may fall, but at least you would’ve played in the rain.

 Lots of Love,


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Every year we make new resolutions and every New Year, we find them broken and forgotten. So this year, to save myself the disappointment, I didn’t make one. I’m just going to live my life to the best of my ability. I’m going to do what I love, and love the way I do it.

Now, you may see that statement as a resolution in itself, but I see it as freedom.

      “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”

-Jim Morrison

   This quote represents the reasoning behind my “non-resolution”. A resolution is the process of resolving something, like a problem. If I chose to resolve a part of myself, I may loose one of the most important aspects of who I am. I am an outgoing, crazy person. If I decide to tone it down, I don’t even know who I would be. I love who I am, flaws and all. I can make improvements, but I am not going to center a whole year around changing how God made me. It’s not fair to myself, or society. (Depriving the world of moi seems cruel and unusual.)

   Then, you have to worry about what there is to really be resolved? Or what is worth resolving? What I may consider a resolution, you may not. Most resolutions, I find, are meant to better one’s appearance in the eyes of another. To have a makeover. Get in shape. Become successful. All these resolutions are examples of things that are subject to the approval of society. What is the appropriate size for an individual? Is it plump and curvy? Is it slim? Or toned? Is success measured by the job you have by the end of this year? Or how many children you can claim on your taxes? With resolutions, come the burden of society. Yet, with freedom, comes endless possibilities.

    This time next year, I don’t know what accomplishments I will have made. What I do know, is that those accomplishments will be the result of perseverance, determination, and great adventures. I will have done all I can to improve who I am, and I will have done it on my own terms. I don’t have any guidelines. I have no step-by-step videos, or books. I just have my imagination, my words, my friends, my family, and a year of unexplored fields. So I’m going to let the winds blow, spread my wings, and see where I will have landed in a year.

Let the Adventures Begin,


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